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The Mission

Some 500 years ago during the Inquisitions and attempts for global dominance our forefathers conquered many lands and people groups in the name of their Kings and Queens for the glory of the Nations.

The Conquistadores spared no lives of those unwilling to receive their religion and dedicate themselves to the purpose of Spain's conquest. Much innocent blood was shed as hundreds of thousands gave up their lives. Others lived on in bondage that has controlled and altered their destiny from generation to generation.

My dear Brothers and Sisters in the Lord, My name is Alan Fonseca, a second generation American born Spaniard whom the Lord has placed a vision of freedom for millions of people within my heart, and to see the Iberian Peninsula reconciled to every nation and people group affected by these atrocities. It is God's plan and Jesus' cry for us to be 'Reconciled one to another'. Romans 5:9-11 and John 13:34-35

The Call: In 1998 in San Luis Obispo, California USA, the Word of the Lord came through the Prophet saying...

The Lord says; Rise up and come out from among the rest and fulfill your destiny...I am sending you to the land of your forefathers...I will use you as a unifying instrument to bring unity and reconciliation to the spiritual leaders throughout this nation. I have clothed you as a Barnabas... with a love and compassion for your people...to be a unifying factor for remedy. I am giving you great favor with these leaders...even unto the government and to the King... You will find My favor and the favor of those who will take hold of My plans and purposes ...This is your portion My son... I am opening the doors to bring an end to the division within this nation...I will also give you favor with those from all the nations and peoples on this Peninsula. There will be great healing between brothers...By this you will lead them into the paths of the Conquistadores of old... to offer repentance and reconciliation to the leaders of every nation affected by their past aggressions and atrocities during their conquest for world domination...for this has been an abomination to Me. This will bring a freedom unto the lands and unto the peoples that My glory can come and they may see Jesus as Savior. This will send shock waves around the world producing humility that will set the captives free...This is My decree that you walk out your destiny as I have spoken, says the sovereign Lord...worry not for My hand is upon you as you are obedient to Me. I will open the doors needed that no man will be able to close...I will give you all that you will have need of to complete your destiny. I will cause an alignment with those who will help fulfill My plans... You will be a deliverer of encouragement to the discouraged... hope to the hopeless... unity to the divided...and reconciliation to the separated. Restoration is My heart and plan... Write these words down and make it plain for all to see that they may run with it as I the Lord will touch their hearts...Prepare yourself to serve...prepare your heart for I am giving you an anointing to accomplish what I have set forth to be done...

For it is My desire "that they all would become one as the Father and the Son are one".

2004 - The Spanish Reconciliation - RUTH
Reconciling the Iberian Peninsula

2005 - The Iberian Reconciliation - Healing the Nations
Reconciling all Nations of the Inquisitions of Iberia

2006 - The Inquisitions Reconciled - Making Peace with God’s Chosen
Reconciling with the Jewish People and Nation